Friday, September 09, 2016

Cotton Candy, Peaches and Rainbows

A recap of the second week of August.

Sunday, August 7
Our church had a big BBQ for lunch.

Since our return from Maine/Quebec not quite a week before, T had been very, very busy building a recycling center that was starting to overtake our whole house.

Monday, August 8
What a beautiful morning to start a new week.

We started by visiting the fruit farm for some peaches.

We ran a few errands.

And got treats on the way home.

We still had time to get to the lake in the afternoon.

Tuesday, August 9
Watching the Olympics was a part of our nightly routine.  T was inspired to create a TV camera.

And drone camera.

It was another beautiful day--perfect for repainting the front-porch furniture.

And for skating around the neighborhood.

And for Olympic-inspired bike racing complete with gold-medal winners.

A common scene: A night time injury from something like bumping a hand on the edge of a bed or wall.  I will miss this some day.

Wednesday, August 10
We finally had time to watch the awesome interview with Andrew Clements from Read Aloud Revival.

The rain made it a cozy day to stay at home.

Thursday, August 11
Our library has the best tree.

We got in more lake time.  (They play a bottle cap game.  Someone "hides" the bottle cap in the deep water and then they all try to spot it first as it rises.)

Friday, August 12
They desperately wanted to get to the lake again.  But just as we were leaving a huge storm rolled in.

While we were watching it, T found a walking stick.

I did a few more chores and then we squeezed in a late visit to the lake.

We got home just in time for a quick dinner and then ice cream out with one of J's international coworkers.

Saturday, August 13
M and I spent the day running errands.  Then we had more of J's visiting coworkers over for dinner.  It was so great to meet them and to get to know them better.  (There was that one moment when T was showing them something on the basement bookshelf and he gasped when he stepped on a dead mouse.  Memorable. :)

Sunday, August 14
We spent the morning with one of J's coworkers and had a lovely lunch out together.

The afternoon turned rainy.

With a rainbow.

And lots of time for games of Monopoly. (For J and the kids.)

August was flying!

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