Thursday, August 25, 2016

Howling Like Cats in Water

Sunday, July 31
After our day at the Insectarium, we drove to Bromont, Canada.

Outdoor swimming pools on blue-sky sunny days are one of their favorites.
(Beza's swimming skills really improved on this trip.)

After a swim we went out to dinner.

I had poutine for the first time and shocked myself by falling in love with it.  (French fries + gravy + cheese curds.) 

Monday, August 1
We had breakfast on the patio while J got his work-morning started.

Then while he went to the office in Bromont, we caught up on some long-forgotten TV shows,

Played rounds and rounds of these games on the patio,

And played with stickers.

It was an unusually cool and cloudy day.  We went back and forth all morning about whether or not we should go to the water park.  Despite the weather, we decided to give it a go when J got back after lunch time.

We started with the Alpine slide.

And then hit up the water slides.

Beza and I watched the big "kids" go down some of the slides.

And then we all went down the family tube ride.  Beza was a bit reluctant at first but we won her over by convincing her that we could actually scream like some kind of animal (cats, bears, dogs, etc.) on the way down.  By the end of all of our trips down the slide she was the one who didn't want to stop. ;)  (No pictures, because it's hard to have a camera out with all that water.)

 (They also really like the wave pool--like this sea gull.)

Because we loved our dinner so much the night before, we went there one last time.

Especially for the poutine.

Then we got our paperwork ready to cross the border back into the United States.

But first, T had a crazy lose tooth that should have fallen out weeks ago.  Because he lost his first ever tooth in Montreal two years ago, he thought it would be fun to have one more "Canadian tooth." We pulled over at a gas station not far from the border so that J could use all that Pop has taught him to help T reach his goal.  And that's how he now has two Canadian teeth.  (Actually, he doesn't literally have them because both of them are MIA.)

We crossed quietly across the border and drove to our last destination.

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