Thursday, August 25, 2016

Bugs Big Enough for Mouse Traps

Saturday, July 30

We left Quebec City and headed for Montreal for the night.

We knew we were close when we saw the Montreal Tower and Biodome.

Our hotel had afternoon snacks and drinks.

Then we walked into Old Montreal for dinner.  (T still got there faster on his "motor bike.")

We stopped to watch another street performer.  (T was invited to join in--after he told the guy that he couldn't speak French. ;)

And then we took a long, leisurely walk back to our hotel and went to bed after watching all about the Canadian Synchronized Swimming Team (mostly in French).  

Sunday, July 31
Hmmm...this is the day that it felt like we all woke up on the wrong side of the bed.  We had hoped to meet up with friends but we were running very late.  In the end we decided to keep our day simple by just going to the Montreal Insectarium.  It was beautiful.
(A leaf cutter ant carrying a leaf to its nest.)

From Instagram: There are some insects that are breath-taking and others that I'm pretty sure would make me breathe my last. (I'm looking at you, tarantula.)

We had a lovely lunch of croissants (naturally) outside.

Then we loaded up for the drive to our next stop--Bromont, Canada--stopping along the way for our first Tim Hortons'. :)  

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