Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Bring on the Croissants

Friday, July 29
On Friday morning we took Old Canada Road through Maine to Canada on our way to Quebec City.

We stopped for lunch in Saint Georges, Quebec.

Then made our way to our hotel where we let them get in an afternoon swim.

Before dinner downtown in Old Quebec City.

Then we walked through the quaint and bustling streets.

Saturday, July 30
We woke up excited to walk to a nearby patisserie for breakfast.

My chocolate croissant. 
(From Instagram: {When traveling with someone, take large doses of patience and tolerance with your morning coffee.--Helen Hayes}. Also, humor and chocolate because even on amazing travels, parenting doesn't stop.)
(M-chocolate croissant, B-cranberry orange muffin, T-apple danish.)

They got in one more swim.
Before we set out to explore more of the old city.
(We saw our first black squirrel.)

We started at the Plains of Abraham.

And made our way along the Promenade des Gouveneurs.  (T gets there faster on his "motor bike.")

Along the St. Lawrence River.

Where we stopped for a small treat in the Place d'Armes because the banana from my backpack that we split four ways just wasn't cutting it.

We paused to hear the harpist by the Fresque des Quebecois.

And then grabbed more croissants in Place Royale.
(When in French Quebec...)


We ended our time in Quebec City by walking along the Ramparts of Quebec City.

And then packing up to spend the night in Montreal.

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