Saturday, August 06, 2016

Boston Bound

Last year we crossed the country visiting as many National Parks as we could along the way.  This year we took another trip, but we kept it just a little closer to home. :)

Sunday, July 24
We finished packing our bags for our trip that would take us from Boston to Montreal and a few places in between.

Around noon we finally pulled out of the driveway, stopped for lunch and then dropped J's car off at the garage for the week before heading towards Boston.

We stayed at a Double Tree with an indoor Water Park.  The room even had these two little beds for M and Beza.

Monday, July 25
Just as we were stretching to get out of bed, the hotel fire alarm went off and we all had to exit the building.  Thankfully it didn't last long.  (Something about someone putting the wrong thing in the toaster.)  J, who was already up and around because he was going to work outside of the city for the day, joined the rest of us bed-headed, pj-wearing people for breakfast.

Then while J worked, we played.

We all loved the lazy river.

M and T took a few turns hanging out with Beza so that I could ride the big slides with them, too.  So fun!
(Pretending to hug a "friend."*)

They had their first Dippin' Dots.  (M-Oreo, B-Cotton Candy, T-Rainbow Sherbert.)

J met up with us after work and we started the next leg of our trip.  We stopped in New Hampshire for an alfresco dinner.

We finally made it to Bangor, Maine just in time for bed.

Funny story.  I kept noticing this orange stuff on the tops of the trees as we were driving and I thought maybe it was a weird tree fungus or something.  I was just pointing it out to J when it dawned on me that it was--sunlight.  Yep.  Just the sun.  It really did have a crazy appearance. :)
(Pic just to remember that it was a beautiful sunset hiding behind the trees making the strange orange glow. ;)

We couldn't wait to wake up to drive to Quoddy Head State Park--the most eastern point in the U.S.

(*Poor girl had two bloody noses that lasted a long time--but we rolled with it and tried to make it as fun as you can make that.)

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