Monday, August 22, 2016

Blueberries Make Everything Better

Thursday, July 28 
We woke up to beautiful views and more sky and ocean blues.

After a yummy breakfast we decided to hike the trails near Jordan Pond.

The trail we chose to the top of Penobscot Mountain was narrow and steep (and hot), but the views were amazing.

Nearly half-way up we stopped to rest with Jordan Pond in front of us and the ocean to the side.

We made it to the top and were rewarded with tons of wild blueberries and huckleberries.

She made her own foldable blueberry basket for easy carrying.

We took a slightly less steep trail on the way down.

And walked along a carriage path back to Jordan Pond House.

It was definitely a HOT summer day and it felt so good to cool off with the most delicious popovers with jam and butter and a tall glass of iced tea (+blueberry soda (T) and blueberry lemonade(B)).

On our way out of Acadia for the day, we explored the rocks near Otter Cliff one last time.

We stopped by Thunder Hole but we weren't there at quite the right time to hear the thunderous sound.

We pulled over to check out these birds.  (Great Cormorants?)

And to peer into a few more tide pools.

Fog was rolling in from the ocean.

As we drove out of the park we spied a turkey family.

We made a special stop for lobster on the way to our hotel.  (I had blueberry pie--ha.)  (Also, T's new plush lobster wasn't too happy about any of this.)

We got to the hotel in time for them to get in a little swimming.  (Their most favorite thing to do.)

(We come into the hotel with just our pj's and a set of clothes for the next day + a toiletry bag.)

It was another beautiful (and delicious) day in Acadia.

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