Wednesday, August 10, 2016

A Foggy Maine Morning

Tuesday, July 26
On Tuesday morning we woke up and made the few hour drive from Bangor to Lubec, Maine to go to Quoddy Head State Park--the eastern-most point of land in the United States.

Along the way we listened to Robert McCloskey's Burt Dow, Deep-Water Man and they sang along to their VBS songs.

The morning was foggy and cool.

We started with a brisk walk through the mossy woods and then along the rocky coast.
(When we got to the rocks, just as we were telling them to be extra careful not to step into any water because they were wearing sneakers and not water shoes, two of them slipped into puddles. :)  Thankfully we were well-stocked with dry shoes and clothes for later.)

The rocks along the water were so soft and amazingly smooth.

They made a cool, almost-hollow sound when we walked across them.

(Low-flow shower hair.)

Then we checked out the West Quoddy Head Lighthouse.

We had hoped to go whale-watching in the afternoon, but the fog wasn't cooperating with our plans.  So, after grabbing a quick lunch from the van (peanuts from Sunday night's Texas Roadhouse dinner),

We decided to explore the arctic bog.

There were so many pitcher plants.

 And sundews.  (And other cool things like cloudberries.)

It was so quiet and still.  The fog was lifting in parts with peeks of a cloudless sky.

Then we walked back along the coastal cliffs (holding tight to little hands).

It was a perfect Maine morning.  Cool and foggy with a lighthouse and waves crashing on rocky shores.

When we drove out of the park we didn't know that our day would end near another lighthouse--in Canada--surrounded by dolphins and whales.

(To be continued...)

Ha--a hilarious outtake.  I'm pretty sure that we were pretending to be our kids when we ask them to smile. ;)

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  2. I love following along on your travels and reading all your posts!! Can't wait to hear about the rest of your trip!
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