Thursday, July 21, 2016

The Stuff of Summer (Creek Days--Part 3/3)

A photo journal of our days at the cabin.

Tuesday, July 5
(My morning laundry partner.)

My mom stopped by for a quick visit before we headed down to the creek for the afternoon.

Wednesday, July 6
Morning light.

 M got this beautiful quilt from Grammy Miller.

We met my Dad near his current job site.

And then went back to play in the creek after lunch.

After cleaning up, we had dinner out with J's family and grandparents.

We stopped for dessert at the best ice cream place ever.  See those mounds of cookie dough?  (Pic taken just before it tumbled off the cone.  Twice.  And it was replaced twice--with no charge. :)  The third time M got it in a cup. ;)

Daily sightings of the bald eagles.

We stayed up late watching old home videos.

Thursday, July 7
The deuce we used to have to use to cross the creek to get to the cabin.  (Flooding has reshaped the island.)

Leaving the cabin to go home. (The old "Deuce Crossing.")

We had a great week hanging out with our families.  Can't wait to see them again!

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