Friday, July 15, 2016

The First Week of Summer Break

 A peek back at the week of Sunday, June 26 through Friday, July 1.

Sunday, June 26
We've been spotting turkeys with their turkey babies.  (We spied these on the way home from church.)

Monday, June 27
It was the beginning for our first week of summer break.  (Whoo-hoo!)  During the summer we're hoping to do a bit of school work most days.  Beza gets to join the journaling crowd for the summer and, oh my, she is a great writer.  This is her first ever school journal entry.  

They've also broken out ALL of the blocks. :)

We spent most of the day searching for another bathing suit for M.  A tough task at this time of the year.   Then we headed to the lake to start Beza's first week of swimming lessons.

Swimming lessons in the rain, actually.  So thankful for rain to water our "hay field."

Tuesday, June 28
We kept the last butterfly in the butterfly habitat for a while to see if it might get stronger.  But, the squirrels just couldn't resist the sugar water in the bottle cap.

A glimpse of this short window of time--what they look like when I have appointments (a well-visit.).

I found her like this way after bedtime.  She's been taking notes from Pop. ;)  (She lost her nerve and it fell out in her sleep two days later.)

Wednesday, June 29
T's had a rash growing behind his ear for a few days.  Every day it was getting bigger.  Finally a bulls-eye like circle emerged around his whole ear.  Bah!  Ticks...  He's on antibiotics for the next few weeks.

They have been loving the "beach" every day.  Sadly, because of water clarity issues, they weren't able to swim in the deep water for most of the week.

Friday, July 1
Heavy storms were predicted so the kids and I scrambled to get make room in the overstuffed garage for the van.

But after the rain passed we all stepped outside to find the rainbow.

Later we celebrated our 16th anniversary.  :)

Then we got back to work on packing for a fun week ahead at the cabin.

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