Friday, July 01, 2016

She's 6!

Last Wednesday was the last day of school and it was also Beza's 6th Birthday!!

It was a full day that started with her bursting through her decorated doorway with birthday music blaring downstairs.

M and T stayed up a bit later the night before helping me to decorate.  (I love big-kid helpers!)

She opened most of her presents before having chocolate muffins for breakfast and then heading off to the last day of school.  (She got to celebrate her birthday with her class with rice-krispie treats on Monday.) 

She got a lot of fun, colorful gifts this year.

After school and lunch out she got to open presents with Nana and Pop.

Then after playing outside and having pizza for dinner and going to M and T's recital, we celebrated with Nana's amazing elephant cake.  (So cool!)

Then she opened one last gift--a giant stuffed Rainbow Dash and then played a while with all of her new things.

One of her gifts was a package of Play Scarves.  I had no idea how much all of them would like them!  For example, T used them to be a barber (cutting Nana's hair with a sword), a dentist (cleaning her teeth with the sword), a tattoo artist (again, with the sword), and a hairstylist (using the yellow silk as long hair and then a mohawk and then coloring the yellow hair red).

Happy Birthday, Beza!!  We love you and can't wait to see what adventures this year holds. :)

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