Thursday, July 07, 2016

Releasing the Butterflies

We've had a butterfly habitat for a long while that we used for a chrysalis that we found outside (that sadly never hatched.).  It seemed like it was time to actually use it, so a few weeks ago I ordered Painted Lady caterpillars.  (Photo: June 10)

They grew shockingly fast. (June 13)

Soon after chrysalizing, one of them fell to the bottom of the container.  (June 19)

A few days after they turn into chrysalises you are supposed to place them in the butterfly habitat.  In the busyness of last week I didn't make the time to do that and we came home to find one had emerged into the little caterpillar container.  We quickly (and carefully) put them all where they were supposed to be after that.  (June 24)

They all came out within a day.
(We read all of the interesting facts on Insect Lore's website--Like "What is that red stuff that comes out, too?"--Meconium-left over from when the caterpillar developed into a butterfly.)

We kept them in the habitat overnight with some strawberries and sugar water on a flower.  

They are beautiful!

[P.S. Even the one that had fallen came out.  It's wings never quite developed, but we fed it for a few days before releasing it, too.]

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