Saturday, July 23, 2016

Summer School (VBS Week)

Saturday, July 16
Ember spent a full week with us and M took the best care of her. She was a great house guest. :)

It was clean out the garage day.  The kids spent the afternoon out in the pool and playing in the yard (that got a bit more green). 

(They still fit!)

Sunday, July 17
We had people over for lunch after church and the kids spent another afternoon in the pool.

After dinner we had ice cream, because, after all, it was National Ice Cream Day. (And crazy hot out!)

The blue thistle/sea holly is in full bloom.  It's such an unusual, yet pretty, flower.

Monday, July 18
It was the first week of VBS at our friends' church and the kids had the best time.  It was also one of the first times in a long time that I've been kid-less.  I didn't know what to do at first. (How funny is that?) Then I went shopping and had space to think deeply.  It was glorious. ;)

It rained a little.  (Worth noting.)

Later it dried out and they had popsicles on the deck.

Tuesday, July 19
After VBS, M had another orthodontist appointment to make molds for her mouth expander. 

While we were doing all of the desk-moving last week, we decided to upgrade M to a bigger desk.  J put it together over the weekend and we spent a few days getting the bulletin boards and a lamp to finish her new work space.

Wednesday, July 20
Oh my--the van has been having some issues.  The radiator fan has intermittently not been turning off when we shut off the van.  But on Tuesday it wouldn't turn off at all.  All day.  J put on a battery shut-off switch until it could get fixed on Thursday.  That meant that he had to pop the hood everywhere he went to turn off the radiator fan.  :)

It was Wacky Wednesday at VBS.  (Check out that hair and those mismatched shoes.)

Thursday, July 20
Dave has been elusive all week because he's crazy wary of Ember.  

Friday, July 21
The kids were so sad that it was the last day of VBS.  And the last day of Ember's stay.  But the summer holds a lot more fun. :)

All week long T has been building a submarine in our room.  (The theme for VBS was "Submerged.")
(Row 1: flippers, a ring to dive through, the meeting room, a narwhal on the bed, the control room.
Row 2: An observation room with a periscope with blue tape on the top to look like water, another control room, a motorized boogie board, the audience in the meeting room.
Row 3:  A touch screen, the boss--Inspector Nancy, the periscope room with the window you can reach through to touch the seaweed, another view of the periscope room and the jellyfish in a jar, a shark and jelly fish on the laundry-covered chair.)

Lately they've been taking videos of us.  (Totally inspired by J's home videos.)

The night ended with a church meeting for me and the kids playing Beza's favorite game (Spot It) with J before bed.

Saturday, July 23
We ended a busy day of packing for another fun adventure with a fire and s'mores.
(T built a smoke guard. :)

It was another good, full summer week. :)

Summer Projects Week

When we came back from the cabin on Thursday we spent the next few days working on never-ending projects.

Friday, July 8
Ha--we came home to a yard full of wildflowers.  Because it's been so dry J hasn't had to mow the grass, but the "weeds" have been flourishing. :)

We got to see the phoebe fledgling on its last day in the nest.
It was time to get a desk into Beza's room.  And one small project led to another.
First we had to remove the dresser from Beza's room to make space for a desk (that we already had for her in M's room).
Then we had to measure and buy a closet organizer to add drawers to her closet.
While that was happening I painted her closet.

T, who is always inspired by what's going on around him, made his own painting gear and taped off our entire dresser like a good painter.  (I never use tape.)

Since we were painting, it was a good afternoon for M to paint her closet bookshelf. (From red to deep indigo-purple.) 

Because the bookshelf was out of her closet, I painted her closet, too.
Her closet doors needed a touch-up so I repainted those.
While the door and trim paint was out I repainted their quite dirty bedroom doors.
The trim in their bathroom has been a mess for a long time so I quickly tackled that.

J was also working on copying all of his family's home videos onto DVD's.

After working all day we got to watch fireworks while taking a walk around our neighborhood.

Saturday, July 9 
We had coffee on the deck with a praying mantis.

Then we kept plugging away at the projects, went grocery shopping to restock from the week away and gathered a few supplies to help in the reorganization of Beza's room.  
(She finally has a place for a mirror just the right size for her. :)

And her closet is all finished.

Before bed we watched a few of J's old home videos.

There are some real gems in there--like this:

M and her best cat-buddy, Bill, at bedtime.

Sunday, July 10
After church we had lunch out with some visitors.

And then we went to our friends' house for a fun night.
 (With a simple Pinterest-inspired dessert.)

Monday, July 11
We started the day with a trip to the orthodontist to begin the process of getting M a mouth expander.  Then we went to Barnes and Noble to grab a few workbooks to keep our brains sharp during the summer.  After that we had a meeting and then an afternoon to try to get some of the stuff from the weekend all cleaned up.

Tuesday, July 12
Because the painting supplies were still all out I decided to finally repaint their entire bathroom.  (White, of course.)

Then, because I already had on my painting clothes and I had the paint, I repainted the basement steps which have been lightly splattered with white paint from when I painted all of the walls last year.  (I painted the brown steps black, painting every other one on Tuesday and then the other every other ones on Thursday.)

Naturally, since I repainted the bathroom it also seemed like a good time to move out the NY stuff to give the room a more cheery vibe.

I paint and they play. :)  This week it was adventurer time.  (T checking into a French hotel.)

Beza's been busy using her new desk.

 T also built his own Spot Bot after our new one arrived.

In other news, the garden is a mess, but the tomatoes are doing well.  So far.  I was worried that if they were in the yard the groundhog or a deer might come and eat them, too, so after I watered them (oops), I asked J to move them to the deck to keep them safe.

We're excited for these Indigo Rose tomatoes to ripen.  They're so pretty.
Wednesday, July 13
And then it all felt like ENOUGH and like it was time to just settle into more relaxed summer days so we pulled out our just-for-fun paints. :)

Beza used her new birthday paints to make decorations for her room.

T painted a picture of George Washington.  Why?  (Always ask.)  Because when we tour old houses there are always pictures of George Washington on the walls and he wanted one for his room, too.  M liked his so much that she wanted to make her own.  We were laughing so hard at those George Washingtons.  What makes George Washington look like George Washington?  Somehow he just kept looking like an old lady.

T's original vs M's first version:

T's original vs M's 20th version:

The final gallery:

Thursday, July 14
They had so much fun painting the day before that they created their own art museum by making drip art with markers on paper in the bathroom sinks.  

They were still playing explorer and artist/author.

At some point T made grass and pine needle balls.

In the afternoon we picked up our dog visitor (Ember the golden retriever) for the week.

That night the storm front moved through and left a cool line in the sky.

Friday, July 15
After a full day of still trying to clean up from all of the week's projects, we got to spend the evening with new friends.  We all had a great time. :)

Phew!  It was a FULL week.  But it felt so good to finish those projects.