Monday, June 06, 2016

May/Memorial Day

A peek back at May (Part 5):

Saturday, May 28
We woke up to one super-hot morning.  The small crew was especially excited to have a whole day of playing in the pool and eating popsicles (3 each).

While J and I took on power washing the house and outdoor furniture (J).

And mulching (me).
(For future reference--because we look it up on here every time we order it--we got just 6 cubic yards of mulch this time--though it took ALL DAY to spread and it is beyond time for a new wheelbarrow.)

The yard was a MESS, but we got a lot done.

Sunday, May 29
After church, J started re-staining the deck. 
(While I worked on editing all of the May photos. :)  

Monday, May 30
Because of rain, our town's parade was cancelled.  There were tears of disappointment.  But luckily, our people had been working on a parade in our own "town" for weeks.  The leader of the parade was Ben Bear dressed as none other than Uncle Sam.

It took a while to gather everyone.  (The staging area.)
The parade kicked off with a speech (by Beary dressed as George Washington) to commemorate the importance of Memorial Day.

Then the procession began.

(Pe-pole--love it.)

The Fishity-Fosh Fish Band provided all of the music.

They threw goldfish to the patriotic crowd.
After the parade we found another snapping turtle in the backyard.  (She's creeping right into all of the poison ivy--ugh.)

Then, because the rain had stopped, we decided that it was a good day to add some kayaks to our outdoor gear and we spent a fun few hours on a nearby lake.  (They are also very fun on dry land. ;)

It was a fun, full, Memorial Day weekend.

We can't believe that May is already over, but we're excited for summer days.

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