Sunday, June 05, 2016

May (Week 4)

A peek back at the Month of May (Part 4):

Sunday, May 22
After church we went out to lunch to say goodbye to one of our most favorite graduating college seniors.

We had a few minutes for some afternoon snuggles.

Later we got to play with our friends' 3-day-old chicks.

Then, right after ice cream and before a very late bedtime, we got out the big telescope to check out Mars (the bright dot),

 the moon, 


And Jupiter.

Monday, May 23
The garden is growing.

After sitting beside our house in the we-need-to-get-rid-of-this-but-we-don't-know-how pile for years, we brought the sandbox back into play.  (Even in the rain.)

Tuesday, May 24
It was the last science/art class for M and T.  (And another rainy Tuesday.)  They had so much fun over the span of their course--digging through owl pellets and identifying bones, checking out germs under the microscope and even dissecting a cow eye.  It was such a fun class.

We've been on "peony watch."

Also, more irises.

Wednesday, May 25
We had friends over for the morning and lunch--it was a beautiful day with some of my favorite moms. :)

We found a toad.
And captured a 2-inch long eastern painted turtle for the night.

Thursday, May 26
We released the turtle into a pond in the woods.

The peonies are almost ready!

They insisted on playing in the pool--even though it was FREEZING. 

A random power outage just as we were reading the last two sentences of our chapter (in Prince Caspian) had us outside after bedtime looking up at the planets again.

Friday, May 27
We woke up to a snapping turtle digging in the mulch in the backyard.  (Just like last time, it left before laying any eggs.)

Because there was no school we took a "field trip" to another historic mansion along the river. 

* I forgot a spoon for my yogurt so I used a granola bar instead. ;)

It was a HOT week!  The air conditioning in the van has been on the fritz since our road trip last summer and it is truly missed when it stops working on these hot days.  The kids were looking forward to a fun Memorial Day weekend hanging out in their pool while J and I were excited about getting some house projects done.  (And scheduling an appointment to get the van fixed.) :)

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