Wednesday, June 01, 2016

May (Week 3)

A peek back at the Month of May (Part 3):

Monday, May 16
This week was our testing week.  They took the IOWA tests this year.  
(And I took pictures of our favorite pencils and erasers. ;) )

We've been filling jars with wildflowers--buttercups and spurge.

We throw our stale bread in the backyard.  The crows stuff themselves.

The Cardinal's hair is always gorgeous.

This year we have some Common Grackles hanging around.

Tuesday, May 17
After Art/Science class we splurged on a slice of lemon meringue pie to split.

Wednesday, May 18
The slack-line is back in business.

The light and dark of the skyline felt like it was reflecting our days--filled with the good and the hard.

Thursday, May 19
The iron and scale had a bit of a melt-down together.  (Neither one is my favorite.)

A turkey was momentarily (more like an hour than a moment), stuck inside the fence.  It was just a foot away from the exit and we were almost ready to herd it out if it didn't find the way. 
 (A Dave-look-alike came creeping out from the pond while it was there.)

We spent soccer practice looking for spittle bugs and flowers.

(Beza's favorite.)

Friday, May 20
After a half-day of school, we spent a lovely afternoon at the park with friends.  And we watched a water-snake swim across the pond.  Creepy cool.

T built a bird blind on the deck.  Notice the tube/telescope focused on the bird-feeder.  (A lot of tape was involved.) 

The garden finally got planted.  This year we're trying cucumbers, red cabbage, broccoli, green peppers, pole beans, carrots and potatoes.  (The tomatoes are in the pots on the deck.)  

Saturday, May 21
T covered his bird blind with raincoats overnight so that it wouldn't get ruined if it rained. 

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