Wednesday, June 01, 2016

May (Week 2)

A peek back at the Month of May (Part 2):

Monday, May 9
We worked on a painting project for school. 
(Me, M, T)

After school we took a walk and I made them pose for pictures. :)  

Because isn't that green door the best?

Then we stopped by the Little Free Library.

Tuesday, May 10
Friends had us over for an evening play-date and dinner--so fun.

Wednesday, May 11
They've been trying to get close to the birds on the deck.

While Face-Timing with J in Taiwan.

We picked out a few plants for our garden and planted our pots with tomatoes.

Thursday, May 12
Dave and I were captivated by the robin right outside the bedroom window.

They've been finding a lot of 4-leaf clovers.

Soccer practice seemed to go on and on because we knew that J would be home any minute.

He was home when we got there with fun souvenirs and lots and lots of tea.

Friday, May 13
We had dinner along the Hudson.

Saturday, May 14
After soccer (and finding that our irises have started to bloom),

We toured the oldest house in our county--built in 1709. 

After that we took another walk along the river.

Then we took a leisurely stroll through the town before escaping the rain by stopping for a pizza.

These have been our backyard crew this week:
The rabbits.


And goldfinches.

Yay, that we're all sleeping under the same roof again.  It was a good week. :)

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