Wednesday, June 01, 2016

May (Week 1)

A peek back at the Month of May (Part 1):

Monday, May 2
Hugging Daddy goodbye.

He was heading to China and Taiwan for two weeks.  In the process of packing the day before, we cleaned out his side of our (ridiculously gigantic) closet and removed 5 bags of stuff--whoo-hoo!

Later we ran errands in the rain.

And had mini ice-cream cones for dessert after dinner.

Tuesday, May 3
Another rainy Tuesday for Art/Science class.

On the ride home we passed this beautiful waterfall.  Suddenly everything was so green.

Wednesday, April 4
Because it's right out the window, we spend A LOT of time watching the squirrels and birds.
We loved the progression of his feet.

Thursday, May 5
T built a life-size second window for his room.

Churros for dessert because it was Cinco de Mayo.
(Also, it was the National Day of Prayer.)

Friday, May 6
We picked up Beza at lunch time to drive to PA for the weekend.

 My dad always has fun stuff for us to check out.  (A nut broom--or, in this case, a golf ball gatherer.)

Saturday, May 7
We stopped by all of our grandparents to deliver flowers and hugs for Mother's Day.
 (After a rainy week, it was such a beautiful day--cloud shadows on the mountains.)

Then we spent the day with my family.  We spent the nights with my sister Bubsy and stayed up crazy-late talking.  It was so good.

Uncle Carl bravely let them smash the ice for making homemade ice cream.

Ice cream to go with the cake to celebrate a 3rd birthday. :)

A little catch with Aunt Bubsy.

They popped balloons with darts Grandpa-style.

They got mummified (as did the bikes.).

Spring-fresh asparagus and hands that have been playing hard.

 Feeding the calves.

The gray barn.

The rye field.

Sunday, May 8
I woke up to the sweetest card from M and a necklace J had sent along with her.  Then we packed up to go home.  On the way we made a spontaneous decision to check-out a "petting zoo."
 It was a good and fast week, but we were looking forward to Thursday night when J would finally come home. :)

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