Sunday, June 19, 2016

June Week 3

Our June (Part 3):

Sunday, June 12
After church we headed to another "pond" to go kayaking.  But it was unlike any "pond" we've ever seen--it was huge and wavy and really windy.  And cold!  Thankfully we always have extra sweatshirts in the van.

But it was so much fun!  We had to work really hard just to go a short distance, but the row back was super easy. 
To make the hard work a little more fun we made up ridiculous rhymes like, 
"This is my pirate kayak,
I use it to a-ta-yack."

We changed into dry clothes (extras from the van) because it was so cold--it dropped into the 60's--before stopping for a treat on the way home.

Monday, June 13
We had a playdate with friends we haven't seen in way too long.

The Painted Ladies are getting so big!

Tuesday, June 14
Every Wednesday morning during the school year I get together with a great group of moms to drink coffee, talk about life and to read an encouraging book together.  I am so thankful for them.  Today was our last day of the year.  (The end of the year busyness has meant a few schedule changes--so this week we met on a Tuesday.)

Mostly spiders are cool only from a distance, but Daddy-Longlegs are okay.  (If you know they are there.)

(I got to participate in focus group for the library--I only remembered it when I looked at the calendar 15 minutes before I had to be there.)

Wednesday, June 15
It was Homeschoolers-Take-Over-the-Park Day.
(They played games, ate lunch and met up with old and new friends--they had so much fun.)

Then after picking up Beza from school, M had her first (of many) orthodontist appointment(s).
(Up first--an expander.)

Thursday, June 16
The view at school pick-up.  Less than a week left!

This is Bill--our rarely seen other black cat.  He's a one-person cat who has chosen M as his person.  But he paused on the steps for a few minutes and I caught a few pictures of his vibrant eyes and shiny fur.  

I cancelled soccer practice because it felt like we needed to slow down our schedule a bit.  The extra time made it possible for J and T to go on a run around the neighborhood together.  (J is one of T's most-favorite things. :)

Friday, June 17
After a bit of school work, we had another fun afternoon with some homeschooling families (with more pool time.).  

Unfortunately the ticks are still prowling about--luckily this one came right out.  

The weather this week has continued to be beautiful.  So many blue sky days.  It was a perfect night for pizza on the deck.

Saturday, June 18
The LAST DAY of Soccer!!!  Whoo-hoo!
It was a HOT morning, but they all played well.  T's team even won their championship.

We had ice cream for lunch to celebrate (and to cool off). 

There are just three more days of school.  And also just those same three days until a certain someone turns 6! :)

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