Saturday, June 18, 2016

June Week 2

Our June (Part 2):

Monday, June 6
We found another turtle.  (Look at that nose.)

And this spider that totally looks like it has a creepy clown face on its bottom.  (Bold Jumping Spider.)

The evening weather was perfect for playing outside.

Tuesday, June 7
He still climbs into bed with us every night sometime in the early hours of the morning.
(I will so miss this someday.)

Veggie spring rolls are my favorite lunch when we run errands.

Wednesday, June 8
We went to our local recycling facility and learned a lot more about things we can recycle (and can't--like batteries).

We didn't actually get to go out on the floor of the plant, but we got a good look through the windows.

Then, before going to a friend's house for the afternoon, we made sure another turtle safely made it across the road.  It's definitely turtle season.

Thursday, June 9
(I'm fairly positive this is the date that J asked me out on our first date 21(!!!) years ago.  Woah.)

Sometimes school around here looks like this--a (decaf) coffee break with Dave and Encyclopedia Brown.  

It was a half day of school, so after picking up Beza we headed to the park for a picnic lunch.

We ended the day with soccer practice.

Friday, June 10
And sometimes school looks like this--all hunkered down working on math.

We've discovered that a pair of Wrens have a nest in our birdhouse.

And that Eastern Phoebes have built a nest right outside our front door.

I surprised a squirrel when I was checking out my garden.

And discovered that this groundhog,

Has been eating all of my plants!

At this point he hadn't eaten all of the beans yet. :(

T has been pretending to be an explorer.

And our painted ladies have arrived.

It was such a lovely evening, so we went kayaking at the nearby lake.

And then J took a few more shots of Saturn.

Saturday, June 11
Soccer Saturday!

Because we finally have some bird nests around, it seemed like a good time to get a paper copy of one of our favoritesThis is a 1934 edition of the Burgess Bird Book--so cool.

(One and half weeks left of school!  (Not that I'm counting. ;) )

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