Saturday, June 18, 2016

June Week 1

Our June (Part 1):

Tuesday, May 31
Our peonies have finally bloomed!

Wednesday, June 1
While I read at bedtime, they're coloring.

Thursday, June 2
After a dentist appointment for me, and later music and then getting Beza from school, we had our usual Thursday night soccer practice routine.  While Beza eats dinner (because it's her bedtime by the time we get home.), M goes to her practice while T hangs with me,

Until his practice.

Friday, June 3
The inside of the peonies are beautiful.

T made his own tail to teach Dave-the-Cat something about reading people emotions.  (Haha.)

I found wild morning glories (aka bindweed) in the yard and have been making J mow around it.

We found a turtle taking a break from trying to go through the fence.

Got close to a chipmunk.

And spent a lot of time checking out a pill bug.

Then we went to the farm store to buy homemade donuts.

Because it was National Donut Day.

Saturday, June 4
Soccer Saturday.

Boy in a tree.

We're still learning how to load the kayaks. :)

We went to a quiet "pond."

Sunday, June 5
T spent a lot of time working on a swing using the bamboo poles that they use to walk the slack line and desperately wanted to play on it despite the rain.

M and I played Quirkle.

We've been reading (and loving) the final book in the Wingfeather Saga.  (And on this night, we read by lantern because the power was off again.) 

(We can't believe it's already June!  Just a few more weeks of school.)

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