Friday, May 06, 2016

April (Week 5)

A peek back at April: Part 5

Sunday, April 24
We all went for a hike together after church.

With hats to keep the bugs away.

Along the way we spotted a muskrat swimming in the pond.

Tuesday, April 26
Beza was home sick with a cold.  (We sat in the car together during M and T's science class.)

Flowers on an errand were a nice pick-me-up from the dreariness outside.

Wednesday, April 27
A perfect day for hide-n-seek.

Or making a motorbike.

And most definitely for cupcakes for dessert.

Thursday, April 28
A notice.

This pesky tree (with it's never-ending suckers) is so beautiful right now.

Friday, April 29
Field Trip to our State Capital Day.
 (Fancy elevators.)
 (Senate room--with gold walls.)
 (And long-unfinished work.)
(Tiled hallway.)
 (Faces carved everywhere.)
 (The 3,000 pound door that you can close with one finger.)
 (Assembly room.)
 (State Museum.)
 (Trying to imagine what it might be like to live in tenement housing.)
 (The carousel.)
 (One of only 10 dome-less capitol buildings.)

Saturday, April 30
It was a day for soccer, games with Nana and Pop, endless talk about jet packs and collecting a bouquet of spring flowers with Beza.

And way too fast, April is over.

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