Thursday, May 05, 2016

April (Week 4)

A peek back at April: Part 4

Sunday, April 17
We had lunch out at a cute little bistro that serves the most amazing waffles.  (Incidentally we were right next to a political rally.)

Monday, April 18
We finally cracked open a glass piggy bank that's been sitting around for years.  (Oh my--who ever created a piggy bank made of glass that you actually have to break to open--glass mixed with coins is not very fun.)

J was leaving for another week, but he stopped by to say goodbye on his way to the airport before we all went to the park for the afternoon.  (Beza was out of school for the day.)

 We spied turtles, fish, flowers (hepatica) and slag rock.

Tuesday, April 19
M and T brought home the "treasures" from their owl pellets.

It was a day to vote.

I re-potted some of the plants that are actually thriving.  (Shockingly.)

Wednesday, April 20
We got to tour a beautiful federal-era mansion with friends.  It was a beautiful day by the river.
(They need to bring this back--a table on wheels with a crumb cloth underneath.  Brilliant.)

Thursday, April 21
Soccer practice night.

Friday, April 22
We spent the day visiting "far-away" friends.  When we got home we found these crazy ants marching in a huge line into the compost.

And J was home--with flowers and dinner. :)

Saturday, April 23
After soccer, J put together T's new, much-bigger desk.

The game of the month--chess.
(M can almost beat J.)

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