Thursday, May 05, 2016

April (Week 3)

A peek back at April: Part 3

(I bought some spring flowers to add a bit of color before ours start to bloom outside.)

Saturday, April 9
It was our last Saturday before soccer started.  We did a bit of trash clean-up outside before heading out.  Our first stop was the "Maple Syrup Place" where they have marshmallows for roasting.  On the way we spied a Ring-Necked Pheasant and a Great Blue Heron.

Then we went to the zoo.

Before freezing it out at the park. (We keep dressing for warm weather that just isn't here yet.)
(I spy all three.)

Sunday, April 10
Siblings Day!

Monday, April 11
Dave-the-Cat has been up to messy mischief.  (But it totally motivates us to keep the table cleaned off.)

We had a fun friend date in the afternoon.  (Discovering lots of skunk cabbage on a little walk.)

Tuesday, April 12
New crayon day.  (Is there anything better? ;)

Wednesday, April 13
We've been noticing these squirrels high, high up in the trees every day.  We call them the "Sky Squirrels" after the "Sky Boys."

Beza's turn at the dentist.  (Where chickens add a bit of whimsy outside the office building.)

We apparently ran out of tape.

Thursday, April 14
First soccer practices.  (For M and T.)

Friday, April 15
We hurried through school so that we could spend some time at the park.

Saturday, April 16
First Soccer Saturday of the season.

An an afternoon with the girls at a sweet birthday party.

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