Friday, April 01, 2016

Top 12 Things at the Mountain House

Top 12 Things About the Mountain House

1.  The breakfast.  We woke up early and made the trip to Mohonk Mountain House for the day--starting with breakfast.  The "house" is more of a castle.  We had a huge all-you-can-eat delicious breakfast in the dining room.

2.  The fireplaces.  There are hundreds.  Perfect for warming up before heading out for the first hike of the day.

3.  The porch.  Stunning views with tons of places to sit.   

4.  The gazebos.  Also counted by the hundreds.  

5.  The tower hike.

6.  The Labyrinth and Lemon Squeeze.  (Beza and I followed along on the flat trail.)

 7.  The tour of the barn museum.

8.  Exploring the inside of the house.

9.  The fish in the lake.

10.  Quiet play with legos.

11.  The afternoon hike around the lake.

12.  The fall.  T slipped off the lower rocks on the edge of the water and took a little swim.  (J and I made a mad rush to grab him, but he climbed out just fine, albeit soaked.  We fixed him up with some of our extra layers.)

After squishing his way back to the house, we had a quick afternoon tea with cookies before heading home.  It was such a beautiful gift of a day.

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