Thursday, April 07, 2016

Our Year: 2nd and 4th Grade Curriculum

A glimpse into our year with a quick look at our rough schedule and resources for 4th and 2nd grades.

7:45-8:15: Jouraling Time
8:15-9:00: Breakfast and School Drop-off for Beza
9:00-9:30: Guitar (M) and Keyboard (T) Practice

9:30+: School Time

Fourth Grade

Math: Singapore Primary Mathematics: Common Core Edition 4A/4B
Vocabulary: Spectrum Vocabulary, Grade 4, Grade 5
Reading: Spectrum Reading Workbook, Grade 4, Grade 5
Geograpy: DK Workbooks: Geography, Fourth Grade
Science: Exploring Creation with Zoology 3: Land Animals
Language and Writing: Saxon Grammar and Writing 4
Cursive: Cursive Writing Practice: Inspiring Quotes, Great Literature Copywork
Typing: BBC DanceMat Typing

Second Grade

Math: Singapore Primary Mathematics 2A/2B
Geography: DK Workbooks: Geography, Second Grade
Writing: Spectrum Writing, Grade 2, Grade 3
Reading: Spectrum Reading Workbook, Grade 2, Grade 3
Language: First Language Lessons for the Well-Trained Mind: Level 2
Science: Exploring Creation with Botany (Apologia)
Cursive:  Beginning Cursive Handwriting, Grade 3


World History: The Story of the World: Volume 3: Early Modern Times
Spelling: All About Spelling Level 2
Art: 13 Paintings Children Should Know
Music: SQUILT Volume 1: Baroque Era
NY/Early American HistoryTruthquest History Guide: American History for Young Students Volume 1, Related books.
Current Events: CNN Student News
Government and Politics: Crash Course U.S. Government and Politics

This year they are also taking weekly music lessons (M-guitar, T-keyboard), a weekly (8 week) art class, and they just started an 8-week combination science and art class (with owl pellets, germs under a microscope and cow eyes-fun stuff!).

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