Thursday, April 28, 2016

April (Week 1)

A peek back at April: Part 1.

Tuesday, March 29
From Instagram: Today there was an introduction to a new fun science/art class, a missed notice of an early dismissal due to a power outage, a drop-everything-and-rush-to-the-school-very-late pick-up, boxed Mac-n-cheese for dinner because Daddy was at a work meeting plus Easter candy for dessert and finally falling into bed with a good book.  (The Magician's Nephew.)

Wedenesday, March 30
From Instagram: It was a day for major disinfecting, checking a hot, uncharacteristically sleepy forehead, and unearthing buried popsicles for an uneasy stomach.

Thursday, March 31
J woke up with this on his pillow.  (Ick!)  April Fool's Day a bit early.

Friday, April 1
April Fool's Day
J made pancakes for everyone before leaving for a week in Korea and Japan.

Meanwhile, the small crew around here takes April Fool's Day very seriously.  They were up quite early leaving funny notes, hanging legos from the ceiling and and leaving bugs everywhere.  I kept it low-key this year by doing the old glue-googly-eyes on everything trick and we ended the day with a nice tall glass of "juice" (ha!-jello).  

Despite the snow in the upcoming forecast, the flowering trees were beautiful. 

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