Thursday, April 28, 2016

April (Week 2)

A peek back at April: Part 2

Saturday, April 2
With J away for the weekend/week, we loaded up the car with some music (Slugs and Bugs) and a good audio book (Redwall) and headed to IKEA to update our play kitchen.

Then they spent the evening watching The Miracle Worker.

Sunday, April 3
We woke up to a snowy morning.

Monday, April 4
It snowed more this day than maybe any other day all winter. 4"?  Beza had a snow day so we snuggled down and watched all of the birds in the snow.
(A perfect view for reading The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.)

Tufted Titmouse (mice?).

House Finches. (In love?)


Tuesday, April 5
It was a beautiful morning.

M and T started their new science/art class by dissecting owl pellets.  Then the three of us had dentist appointments.

The afternoon was filled with more birds.

Cardinal mohawk.

Wednesday, April 6
We bought some jellied candy in honor of Edmond's Turkish Delight.  (It's not even close, but we pretended anyway.)  We ate it while watching Samantha Brown's travels in Asia--somewhat tracking along with J.

Thursday, April 7
The morning brought torrential rains.

It was a day of dark grays contrasting with fresh whites and bright, new greens.

Friday, April 8
J came home!
With fun souvenirs for everyone. :)

We love it when we're all back together.

April (Week 1)

A peek back at April: Part 1.

Tuesday, March 29
From Instagram: Today there was an introduction to a new fun science/art class, a missed notice of an early dismissal due to a power outage, a drop-everything-and-rush-to-the-school-very-late pick-up, boxed Mac-n-cheese for dinner because Daddy was at a work meeting plus Easter candy for dessert and finally falling into bed with a good book.  (The Magician's Nephew.)

Wedenesday, March 30
From Instagram: It was a day for major disinfecting, checking a hot, uncharacteristically sleepy forehead, and unearthing buried popsicles for an uneasy stomach.

Thursday, March 31
J woke up with this on his pillow.  (Ick!)  April Fool's Day a bit early.

Friday, April 1
April Fool's Day
J made pancakes for everyone before leaving for a week in Korea and Japan.

Meanwhile, the small crew around here takes April Fool's Day very seriously.  They were up quite early leaving funny notes, hanging legos from the ceiling and and leaving bugs everywhere.  I kept it low-key this year by doing the old glue-googly-eyes on everything trick and we ended the day with a nice tall glass of "juice" (ha!-jello).  

Despite the snow in the upcoming forecast, the flowering trees were beautiful. 

Monday, April 11, 2016

Easter 2016--A Photo Journal

Easter--A Photo Journal

Around the house:

Good morning!

After Church.

A race to collect the most eggs in our neighbor's yard.  (Winner gets one dollar.)

The pursuit of the candy-filled eggs in our yard.
 (They each got 40 eggs.  M--pink, T--blue and green, Beza--purple, yellow and orange.)

(Candy trading after dinner.)

Out-takes: (T after getting hit by M's shoulder. :)

Happy Easter!