Monday, March 28, 2016

The Last Week of Winter

March 13-March 19

Sunday, March 13
After church we finally did a bit of outdoor clean-up.  We collected 4 bags full.

Monday, March 14
From Instagram:  Pi day was brought to us by Archimedes, pot pie, blueberry pie and whoopie pies. #piday #traderjoes
(They memorized pi--just this much of it--3.14159265359--for a dollar.)

Tuesday, March 15
The "hot toy" in our house has been these Plus-Plusses at night when we read.

Wednesday, March 16
We finally took the time to check out the borax crystals we had made a week or two ago.
(Me-yellow, Beza-purple, M-green, T-blue)

After our morning Bible study group, we spent the afternoon with friends--flying kites and meeting gerbils and making beeswax candles.

Thursday, March 17
Happy St. Patrick's Day!

We stopped to photograph a few vultures on the way to school.

Even the day seemed to sport green.

A huge brigade of 100 stuffed animals helped us to act out parts of governmental processes.  (They formed two parties--the BEARpublicans and demoCATS.)

We all wore a touch of green.

We made "shamrock shakes" to go with dinner.

Before heading out to curriculum night at Beza's school.  (A cute 45-minute sing-along performed by all the kindergarteners.)

Friday, March 18
It was a sick day.
M tossed her cookies in the morning and T was having a tough day because he swallowed his tooth in his sleep (the 4th time he's swallowed one!) and his mouth was feeling uncomfortable.

BUT, Daddy was home after being gone all week!
(And everyone felt better by dinner time.)

Saturday, March 19

It was a good last week of the winter. :)

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