Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Spring in the Winter (Our Week)

March 7-March 13

Monday, March 7
We're still getting lots of bird visitors--like this House Finch.

Tuesday, March 8
When we got home from running errands, we heard frogs croaking in the pond, so we threw on rain boots, climbed the fence and headed into the muck to see if we could find them.

From Instagram: We tried to find the croaking frogs, but instead found ourselves caught by the mailman as we were climbing back over the pond fence.

Wednesday, March 9
It was such a warm week!  T-shirts (and shorts for the 10-and-under crowd) weather.

On the way to school in the morning we watch the vultures posing in the trees.  In the afternoon they're back soaring overhead.  (The fascination continues.)

Thursday, March 10
Dave is also quite excited about the arrival of the spring birds.

Friday, March 11
I still have a long way to go on this 4th Harry Potter book.  If only I could keep my eyes open at night.  (M is far into the 5th book.)

Saturday, March 12
It was absolutely beautiful weather for working outside--raking up pine needles, trimming off the fall flowers, and fixing the long-been-broken screen door.

It was also a great day for wheelbarrow rides.

And driveway chalk art.

It was definitely a spring/summer teaser week.

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