Wednesday, March 09, 2016

A Week in Colorado

Because there has been so little snow this year and because a few other things just lined up, we went searching for snow in Colorado.

We kept our trip a secret from the kids until the Saturday after T's birthday.  Then we spent a few days packing up all of the gear.

Monday and Tuesday, February 22+23
We spent Monday night near the airport and woke up early on Tuesday to catch our flight out west.

The Delta crew and pilots were so kind to us.

The stunning mountains outside of Denver reminded us of our summer trip.

We love to take the scenic route from Denver to Breckenridge along US-6 through the Clear Creek Valley.

After settling into the ski-in-and-out-condo with J's aunt and uncle and Nana and Pop, we spent the afternoon downtown.  (We were completely spoiled, just like two years ago.)

Wednesday, February 24
While Nana was hanging out with Beza, I spent the morning skiing.  

Poor T woke up feeling sick from the altitude but after taking an altitude-sickness pill he was back in business.

It was beautiful, but SO windy.  (Every time I tried to take a picture, gusts of wind and snow obscured the views.)

Later, during dinner, a fox visited 4-stories down.

Then we celebrated T's birthday with Nana and Pop and J's aunt and uncle and their close friends from Alaska (so fun!).  

Thursday, February 25
The time difference made getting up early to watch the sun rise very easy.  (Bonus: Watching the foxes play on the slopes.)

While the rest of the crew skied, Beza and I headed downtown on the the gondola to chill at the toy store.

The gondola paused for about 20 minutes on the way back to the condo, but we were ready with new colored pencils and paper.

They played a lot of games during the week.  (Favorites:Spot It, Bounce-Off)

Friday, February 26
Another beautiful sunrise and day.

(Starting his day with a cup of decaf.)

While they spent the morning skiing, Beza and I did laundry.

And after lunch we headed downtown one more time with M and Nana.

To snag some of the most delicious cookies ever.

Just after dinner we got one last visit from the fox.

And then we snuggled around the fireplace for our last night there.

Saturday, February 27
We woke up early to get to the airport for our flight home.

On board, Beza spent her time reading, copying words from her books and playing with her stuffed animals.

M, T and I played Sleeping Queens and then T spent his time operating his own plane control panel.

While M read Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire. (With me furiously trying to keep up with my own copy.)

Almost "home." (Central Park, NYC)

Once we landed we had about a two hour wait because someone accidentally took our luggage instead of theirs and they had to come back to exchange it.  And J had a bit of trouble getting back to us with the van.  

But they were good sports and we all eventually dropped into bed and fell fast asleep by 9:30pm.

Up Next: J's Views from the top.

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