Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Spring Break

March 20-March 25

Sunday, March 20
Happy First Day of Spring!
Chickadee hair.

Monday, March 21
Snow shadow.  

(Spring missed the memo. ;)

First day of Spring Break "staycation" lunch.  (Blueberry ricotta pancakes with our most favorite syrup ever.)

We spent the afternoon making String Art.

And working on projects from a fun package. :)

Tuesday, March 22
Watch-All-The-TV-You-Want-While-Mommy-Paints-The-Bathrooms Day.  (But first, math.  [Insert maniacal laugh.])
The blue before it became white.

Wednesday, March 23
We made a quick stop at the mall.
(We treat Anthropologie much like an art museum.  They have the coolest displays.)

Before going on a new hike.
Thursday, March 24
We met our friends (and their gerbils).

For a fun morning at the local zoo.

And lunch at the park.

Before heading to music lessons, the library and the grocery store for a few odds and ends and spring flowers.

Friday, March 25
We began to celebrate Easter by making Resurrection Rolls.  (We had never made them before, and M had the perfect response--"Gasp. They're empty!")

Realizing that we didn't have as many eggs as we wanted, we quickly went to the grocery store (again) to grab more.   We were all dressed in clothes that would be fine to spill dye all over and the kids were alarmed to leave the house not feeling like they were dressed for the day.  (True story.  Poor kids.;)  So, we paused to take a picture of us going out in our "lounge-wear." ;)

After cleaning up and grabbing a quick pizza dinner (and throwing on jeans ;) we headed to church for a Good Friday night service.  

Spring Break flew by--but we still had a few more fun things to do before it was over...

Monday, March 28, 2016

The Last Week of Winter

March 13-March 19

Sunday, March 13
After church we finally did a bit of outdoor clean-up.  We collected 4 bags full.

Monday, March 14
From Instagram:  Pi day was brought to us by Archimedes, pot pie, blueberry pie and whoopie pies. #piday #traderjoes
(They memorized pi--just this much of it--3.14159265359--for a dollar.)

Tuesday, March 15
The "hot toy" in our house has been these Plus-Plusses at night when we read.

Wednesday, March 16
We finally took the time to check out the borax crystals we had made a week or two ago.
(Me-yellow, Beza-purple, M-green, T-blue)

After our morning Bible study group, we spent the afternoon with friends--flying kites and meeting gerbils and making beeswax candles.

Thursday, March 17
Happy St. Patrick's Day!

We stopped to photograph a few vultures on the way to school.

Even the day seemed to sport green.

A huge brigade of 100 stuffed animals helped us to act out parts of governmental processes.  (They formed two parties--the BEARpublicans and demoCATS.)

We all wore a touch of green.

We made "shamrock shakes" to go with dinner.

Before heading out to curriculum night at Beza's school.  (A cute 45-minute sing-along performed by all the kindergarteners.)

Friday, March 18
It was a sick day.
M tossed her cookies in the morning and T was having a tough day because he swallowed his tooth in his sleep (the 4th time he's swallowed one!) and his mouth was feeling uncomfortable.

BUT, Daddy was home after being gone all week!
(And everyone felt better by dinner time.)

Saturday, March 19

It was a good last week of the winter. :)

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Happy Gotcha-Home Day!

Today marks 5 years since we've all been together as a family of 5!

It's a fun day to look back on how it all began and to look forward to a future of growing together.

5 Years Ago:  March 2011

Remembering the wait:

Meeting her for the first time, not knowing when we would be back.
(Thankfully, we got to bring her home just one month later.)

Happy Gotcha-Home Day, Beza! :)

For more of our story go HERE

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Spring in the Winter (Our Week)

March 7-March 13

Monday, March 7
We're still getting lots of bird visitors--like this House Finch.

Tuesday, March 8
When we got home from running errands, we heard frogs croaking in the pond, so we threw on rain boots, climbed the fence and headed into the muck to see if we could find them.

From Instagram: We tried to find the croaking frogs, but instead found ourselves caught by the mailman as we were climbing back over the pond fence.

Wednesday, March 9
It was such a warm week!  T-shirts (and shorts for the 10-and-under crowd) weather.

On the way to school in the morning we watch the vultures posing in the trees.  In the afternoon they're back soaring overhead.  (The fascination continues.)

Thursday, March 10
Dave is also quite excited about the arrival of the spring birds.

Friday, March 11
I still have a long way to go on this 4th Harry Potter book.  If only I could keep my eyes open at night.  (M is far into the 5th book.)

Saturday, March 12
It was absolutely beautiful weather for working outside--raking up pine needles, trimming off the fall flowers, and fixing the long-been-broken screen door.

It was also a great day for wheelbarrow rides.

And driveway chalk art.

It was definitely a spring/summer teaser week.