Thursday, February 18, 2016

They Were Here (TV's in Their Rooms)

A look back at the tiny moments that make up the stories of our days.




At the table.

Beza is a prolific book writer.

Paper and Cardboard (and Tape)
Washing machines by M (with a power cord),

And T.

Robots by M (System),

And T (Orbit and R501).

With their spaceship--the Falcon #2.

A computer (M for T).

 Shoes (M).

 Pogo stick (T).

Pillow and travel mug for me (by T).

Bicycle (M).

A landscape (M).

Doghouse (T).

Cardboard shower (T).

Lamp (T for M).

Vending machine treats (M and T).

For all of those times our house was a hotel.

And for the boy who wishes for more windows in his room--the closed window...

that can open.
Televisions in their rooms.

On the window.



Valentine's Day.

(That's some serious laundry.)

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