Sunday, February 14, 2016

The Cold (Finally) Came [Our Week]

A look back at our week:

Monday February, 8
Last week's tulips are still beautiful.  But in a different way.

This year we have this beautiful piece of paper art from one of J's coworkers in China to celebrate the Chinese New Year.  (It's the Year of the Monkey.)

It was a snowy afternoon.

Tuesday, February 9
After a two-hour school delay, the oldest two and I headed to Panera's for lunch out/reading time.

They really are trying to get out in the snow as much as possible.  But they're a bit intimidated by the snow fleas.  (They stayed in the raft to "protect" themselves.)

When time allows, I'm trying to touch up all of our doors and trim.

Our backyard deer.

Wednesday, February 10
It was another snowy morning.  (But no delay.)

Thursday, February 11
We regularly call everyone to the patio door to look at birds on the deck--especially when it isn't a usual visitor.

Friday, February 12
We've been noticing HUGE flocks of geese landing on the lake near Beza's school when we pick her up in the afternoons.  We love watching them land.

It was a cold and snowy week--but still the most snow we've gotten this year can't be more than three inches--that's why they drop almost everything to run outside to play in the snow while it's actually snowing. :)

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