Thursday, February 04, 2016

January Part 2

A few glimpses of the second half of our January.
 (Part 1 HERE.)

Tuesday /1.12/
T had his 7-year-old well-check-up. (Even though he's turning 8 in just a few weeks.  Somehow we skipped year six and now we're always a year behind.)  He needed a booster shot so afterwards we stopped for a treat.  (These kids and the way they handle shots ALWAYS amaze me--they are stoics.)

M and T have invented their own version of Risk--there's way less fighting and strife than if they played by the rules.

Wednesday /1.13/
It's always pretty obvious when I've been reading a book about books--the library haul from just one trip is out of control.  So. Many. Good. Books.

J got an Apple watch from/for work.  I asked them to pose for this picture because someday they won't remember a day without such technology.
Thursday /1.14/
The day started with a back x-ray for M to check for scoliosis.  (She's good for now, but we're monitoring it as she grows.)  Then they each had their first eye exams.  Again, they're both good for now, but we think it won't be long before T is looking handsome in glasses.

Friday /1.15/
We spent the afternoon with friends and went for a beautiful hike.  We discovered this needle ice growing out of the ground and crunching under our feet.  Cool stuff.

Saturday /1.16/
Because we watched the International Space Station space walk live on Friday morning, T has been pretending to be an astronaut, too.

Sunday /1.17/

Monday /1.18/
Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.
Between reading Who Was Martin Luther King, Jr.? we had a playdate with friends.

Tuesday /1.19/
Art classes started again.  Beza and I saw so many geese while we were running errands while M and T were at class.

Wednesday /1.20/
George the fish has been with us for nearly a year and out-lived his tank.  He's comfortably moved into his new home complete with new "plants."

Thursday /1.21/
Dave makes naps look positively irresistible all day long.

Winter's afternoon light is dazzling.

January has been a good month to get back into a menu/meal-planning schedule.  Sunday has become spaghetti night--we're particularly working on their pasta-twirling skills.  It's a work in progress.

Saturday /1.23/
We spent a lot of time watching weather forecasts and hoping that at least a little bit of snow would head our way from Jonas.  While it did snow all day long on Saturday, we got maybe an inch tops.  Despite the lack of measurable snow, the day did feel wintry and it was a great weekend for the kids to watch the original three Star Wars movies with J.

Sunday /1.24/
It was a relaxing afternoon for eating strawberries and reading good books.

Monday /1.25/
While the "big blizzard" didn't bring us much snow, it did bring enough to the small ski mountain just a few minutes away from us.  J excitedly geared us all up for our first ski outing of the winter--and Beza for the first time ever.

(J and Beza on the "magic carpet" going to the top of the bunny hill.)

(The sign on the "magic carpet" where T fell over on the way up just the time before.  While M and T are very good little skiiers, they stopped the lift no less than four times this night.)

It was a beautiful night for skiing.  (J and Beza working their way down the bunny hill--by the end of the night she was doing quite well.)

Tuesday /1.25/ 
I woke up early to see the moon and planets.  Space is amazing.

The kids slept in so late (I woke them up at 8:10a) from all of that skiing the day before. 

Thursday /1.26/
The birds are back.  Because Dave was an outside cat last year, we didn't see many birds.  But this year, he's inside, and the birds are back.  Besides napping on his chair, this is one of his favorite places--watching the birds on the deck.

Friday /1.27/
We spent the morning running errands and grabbed lunch.

We got home just in time for a short-lived snow squall.  While I stepped out to capture the small dusting, the sky opened up.

They ran outside and played in the falling snow for about an hour.  They even set up forts and had a mini-snowball fight.  Just as they came in all of the snow stopped and completely melted.  It was beautiful while it lasted.  

The sunset.

Friday /1.29/
J bought flowers just because.

Saturday /1.30/
The squirrels are back, too.

Using a gift of movie tickets, we spent the afternoon watching the new Star Wars movie.

Sunday /1.31/
The temperatures were in the 50's!  After church and lunch, we went on a hike wearing sweatshirts--in January.

Then we stopped for post-hike treats.  (Brownies, cannoli and a cookie.)

Janurary's sunset.

January was a month for settling into good books, adding in a few new routines (we're loving CNN Student News and we're listening to the Bible each morning) and learning to cozy up into a winter with little snow.

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