Wednesday, February 03, 2016

January Part 1

A look back at the first month of 2016.
(And a little of the end of 2015)

Monday /12.28/
My birthday.  

That's a lot of candles. :)

And another year of my most favorite birthday gift ever.

Tuesday /12.29/
Snow-Ice.  We'll take what we can get this winter!

A slow/cozy afternoon of playing games.

Wednesday /12.30/
Finally, a light over the table that doesn't feel like interrogation lighting.  

Thursday /12.31/
The sun was out after a slew of gray, cloudy days.

Lunch out.  (While the van got inspected.)

Rootbeer floats to ring in the new year.

And bananagrams until 9:30p for the small crew.

T rang in the new year sleeping in his raft.  (Picture taken around 1a 1/1/2016.)

Friday /1.1.2016/
Happy New Year!
It was a chill day playing more games.  (Kings in a Corner.)

Saturday /1.2/
We brought back 3 huge bags of these chips from Christmas with our family.  (They didn't last very long.)

Sunday /1.3/
Last day of Christmas Vacation.  J has been teaching them some card games.  Except for Wednesday, he spent all week with us. 

Also, I ditched coffee for the week and caffeine for at least a month.  I kind-of really love coffee.  So sad...

Tuesday /1.5/
Cold, winter-like temperatures finally arrived and M made an infographic to let us know.

I love the afternoon light in January.  Also, after a rough Monday without coffee/caffeine, I was feeling much more lively on this afternoon. ;)  (Unloading the dishwasher during "rest time.")

Wednesday /1.6/
We woke up to a beautiful frost.

They each made their own batch of energy bites.  Beza even made hers nut-free to be school-friendly.  

Then they each washed their own dishes.  Oh my, they are too big to need a step-stool for the sink, but still little enough to not tower over it.

Thursday /1.7/
I had a cup of decaf coffee out and about.  It was amazing.  (Like the snow, I'll take it any way I can get it.)

We finally wrote our Christmas thank-yous.

T built a McDonald's in his room.  (Of all of the places, I'm not sure why this one.)

We ended the night with coffee, popcorn and Amharic music to celebrate Ethiopian Christmas.

Friday /1.8/
T insists on wearing these slippers that are at least 2 sizes too small.  He has a strong case of sentimentality.  

Sunday /1.10/
After Church, M and I ran errands and spied 2 different rainbows.  This one on the way home was the largest rainbow I've ever seen.  The bottom was crazy bright and so wide.

The sky when we got home.

Where J was busy putting new brakes on the van.  (He is amazingly handy.)

Part 2 coming soon.  (Due to some difficulties downloading my photos to the computer I decided to blog all of this month in two larger parts.)

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