Monday, February 08, 2016

February Brings the Snow

Well, at least it brings a little snow.

A look back at our week:

Wednesday 2/3
From Instagram:  I have been staying up way too late this week reading Hannah Coulter. (Have you read it?) Such a good book--so good that I've nearly burned through a box of tissues and I can't stop telling my kids that they're some of my most favorite people. The lack of sleep + deeply contemplative thoughts pair well with chocolate.

These two love games.

Thursday 2/4
A drop-everything-and-run-outside-to-see-it sunset.  (I was painting doors and trim.)

Friday 2/5
The first Snow Day this school year.  Maybe we got 3 inches?  And most of it melted by the afternoon.  But they had so much fun playing while it was snowing.

(Watching the snow fall with a cup of hot chocolate.)
(Those rafts are getting a lot of use.)

In the afternoon we made some black glue Valentine's art.

Saturday 2/6
After M and I went shopping to restock her shirt supply (due to non-stop growing), we took them ice-skating for the first time.  They keep asking to go back.

Sunday 2/7
After a beautifully long winter nap, we went on a hike.
(Listening to the sound of rocks skidding across a frozen lake.)

(Looking for sticks to play a game of "Pooh sticks.")

Then we came home to make a simple Super Bowl dinner (stromboli, cheese and crackers, a vegetable platter and cannoli dip) before settling down to watch the first part of the game.

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