Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Turning 8 (Photo Journal)

 (A simple lunch out after doing school in the morning.)
 An afternoon game. (M-pink, T-green, Me-blue*)

Capturing the face of 8.

Happy Birthday, T!

Love you, Buddy!

Monday, February 22, 2016

Our Week (With a Birthday)

A look back at last week:

Saturday, February 13
The day started with a small snow shower that had us worried about the day's plans.  GrammyKathy and Grandpa were supposed to be coming but after last year, any hint of snow seemed like it might jeopardize their arrival. ;)

Luckily the snow didn't last and they came right after lunch.  (In their usual attire.)

They came to celebrate T's birthday.

It was bitterly cold so we just stayed inside and played games.  We laughed so hard we cried.  (My mom was hilarious at playing Moods.)

Sunday, February 14
Valentine's Day
After lunch out for a church meeting, the day was low key.  
For the kids:

For J--who despises stains. ;)

Monday, February 15
President's Day
We met an author and an illustrator at the library.

From Instagram:  I don't think I've ever excitedly asked to shovel the driveway. But she does. And she's been working out the most efficient ways to clear the snow. She's popped out to shovel it about four times in the past two hours. We don't quite know why she likes it so much, but it's definitely a win-win.
(The snow turned to rain and all melted the next day--though it was a Snow Day.)

Wednedsay, February 17
The backyard pileated woodpecker.

Thursday, February 18
We spent a little bit of time at Barnes and Noble to pick up some new homeschooling books.

Friday, February 19
We had a fun, easy day and then celebrated with dinner out and then cake and ice cream with friends.

Saturday, February 20
We kept the celebration going with dinner out, again, at the Cheesecake Factory.

It was such a fun week of celebrating another year with T-man. :) 

Thursday, February 18, 2016

They Were Here (TV's in Their Rooms)

A look back at the tiny moments that make up the stories of our days.




At the table.

Beza is a prolific book writer.

Paper and Cardboard (and Tape)
Washing machines by M (with a power cord),

And T.

Robots by M (System),

And T (Orbit and R501).

With their spaceship--the Falcon #2.

A computer (M for T).

 Shoes (M).

 Pogo stick (T).

Pillow and travel mug for me (by T).

Bicycle (M).

A landscape (M).

Doghouse (T).

Cardboard shower (T).

Lamp (T for M).

Vending machine treats (M and T).

For all of those times our house was a hotel.

And for the boy who wishes for more windows in his room--the closed window...

that can open.
Televisions in their rooms.

On the window.



Valentine's Day.

(That's some serious laundry.)

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