Monday, January 11, 2016

Getting Ready

(So behind on blogging....  But, even though this feels like ages ago and we're steadily moving into the new year, here's our look back at Christmas--because I know we'll want to remember.)

On the Monday and Tuesday before Christmas, we were busy getting ready for our early celebration here before heading to PA.

Monday/December 21
We watched one of our favorites--Christmas Eve on Sesame Street.

Tuesday/December 22
We baked cookies.  (M wanted to make some for Daddy and her uncles, Grandpa and Pop.)

And then delivered Christmas cards to our neighbors in the warm rain.

After dinner, the kids had a handmade Christmas Eve for each other.  (So, so many blurry pictures--but there were handmade guitars and purses and rafts and pictures.  M wrote us a whole series about Dave-the-Cat--love them.)

In the midst of it, T climbed into this box (our family Christmas gift) and then came out repeating himself over and over.  I thought he was just acting excited, but then he explained that the box was actually a duplicator and all of those repeats were actually his duplicates.  (Always ask.)

Then we tucked them in so we could get ready for Christmas at our house the next day!  (T was too excited to sleep. ;)

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