Thursday, January 14, 2016

Christmas 2015 Photo Journal

Wednesday/December 22, 2015
Our Christmas morning.
(We kept Beza out of school to celebrate.)

All day long we ate lots of yummy food and drank lots of smoothies.  In the afternoon we had a cheese tasting test.

Then, though it was a warm and foggy day, we made our own white Christmas.  (With Insta-Snow.)

There was one last surprise for them in the garage. (Perhaps the most unusual gift ever--but they have been using them a lot. ;)

We ended the day with birthday cake for Jesus.

Thursday/December 24
Christmas Eve
We packed up the van and headed out into more warmish, gray skies.  It was a great time to practice some new knitting skills.

We had the usual my-family festivities that started with Bubsy giving us all a lesson on how to (and not to) group text each other. :)  Then M and T did a little skit with the Camel Song.

After that we played a Pictionary-style game with my parents--we drew memories for them to guess.

Then my parents came up with a newlywed-style game for us to play to see how well each couple knows each other.

After opening lots of gifts we posed for our annual dress-alike photo.  (This year it was just antlers.  Also, because inevitiably someone's eyes are always closed--ahem, usually mine--we all closed our eyes for one, too.)

Then we hurried off to church and came out to the most beautiful sunset (and full moon).

Then M and T did one more round of the Camel Song for Nana and Pop at dinner.

Friday/December 25
Christmas Day
We opened gifts in the morning with Nana and Pop.

Then they played for a while.

Later we visited Grandpa and Grandma Taylor (who was recuperating at the rehab center from a fall).

Before coming back to Nana and Pop's to open more gifts when the cousins arrived.
(We didn't do such a great job of taking cousin pictures, but they had such a fun time together.)

Saturday/December 26
I met my sisters, mom and cousin for coffee.  Then spent most of the day out shopping by myself.  :)

Sunday/December 27
We spent the morning with my family.  On the way to my parents' M spotted this bald eagle.

Then we made the foggy drive back to our house. :)

We loved spending time with the people we love.  It was such a good Christmas.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Christmas Morning In Three Minutes (2015)

A very quick look at our Christmas morning on December 23, 2015.

Things to notice:
1.  How fast I clean up the wrapping paper Every. Single. Time.
2.  M labeling her blocks. ;)
3.  T's jumping after almost every gift.  He is the most demonstrative gift-receiver ever.  He jumps fast, though--so it's more like a T-blur.
4.  Beza's fast-scooting out of the room is adorable.

Previous Christmas Mornings

Monday, January 11, 2016

Getting Ready

(So behind on blogging....  But, even though this feels like ages ago and we're steadily moving into the new year, here's our look back at Christmas--because I know we'll want to remember.)

On the Monday and Tuesday before Christmas, we were busy getting ready for our early celebration here before heading to PA.

Monday/December 21
We watched one of our favorites--Christmas Eve on Sesame Street.

Tuesday/December 22
We baked cookies.  (M wanted to make some for Daddy and her uncles, Grandpa and Pop.)

And then delivered Christmas cards to our neighbors in the warm rain.

After dinner, the kids had a handmade Christmas Eve for each other.  (So, so many blurry pictures--but there were handmade guitars and purses and rafts and pictures.  M wrote us a whole series about Dave-the-Cat--love them.)

In the midst of it, T climbed into this box (our family Christmas gift) and then came out repeating himself over and over.  I thought he was just acting excited, but then he explained that the box was actually a duplicator and all of those repeats were actually his duplicates.  (Always ask.)

Then we tucked them in so we could get ready for Christmas at our house the next day!  (T was too excited to sleep. ;)