Saturday, October 31, 2015

Crossing America (Kayaking in the Tetons)

July 21, 2015

After grabbing a snack at Yellowstone Lake, we left Yellowstone (around 9:30a) and drove into the Grand Tetons.

Where we spent about an hour and a half kayaking under blue skies and towering snow-covered mountains.  (We switched boat buddies on an island halfway through.)

Crazy, beautiful views as we drove from Wyoming into Idaho.

And then into Utah.

Boredom Buster: Double Truck Cluck (As we pass a "double truck" we all cluck.) and Triple Truck Quack Attack (We become a car full of ducks.).

 Where we stopped for the night in Salt Lake City.

Friday, October 30, 2015

Capturing the Glow of the Sun (Our Week)

Sunday/October 18
We woke up early at the cabin (a state away) to make the drive back home for church.
Fall sunrises glow.

And in the afternoon we got our first glimpse of snow flurries this season.

Monday/October 19
M started the week with a pumpkin decorating party in her room.

Tuesday/October 20
My soccer buddy while the girls have practice.  

While I was trying to capture the glow of his eyes in the setting sun light I caught a glimpse of myself. ;)
From Instagram: The little people around here can sometimes be crazy mirrors of me--sometimes they reflect the I-totally-need-to-work-on-that stuff and sometimes the silly stuff like how often I use the word "ridiculous" (it sounds really funny coming out of a 5-year-old) and sometimes surprising stuff--like watching them get excited, too, about brightly colored leaves or cool bugs or chocolate.

Wednesday/October 21
Another day, another party in M's room.  Candy-bag making time.

Thursday/October 22
We have our ups and downs, but these two usually sit so nicely together during appointments.  (Still trying to figure out the ache in my side.)

Signs of fall: Milkweed at soccer practice.

Friday/October 23
While running errands, we went a little off the beaten trail to find Sybil Ludington's statue and tombstone.

From Instagram:  {"The more you know about the past, the better prepared you are for the future." -Theodore Roosevelt.} Today we were the people making stops at obscure graveyards and statues searching for the evidence of a life once lived right here with bravery and a strength of conviction that helped to change the world.

It was a good and full week--and it was M's last week of being 9.  Woah.

Friday, October 23, 2015

We Really Can Not Get Enough of the Colors (Our Week)

(The colors of the neighborhood.  I can not stop taking pictures.)

Monday/October 12
After a fun weekend in Boston, we started the new week with a trip to the store for the usual food stuff.  And super-fun--there was a mini-hay maze.

Then, because it was SO gorgeous outside and because life had been feeling fast-paced--they collected a few small toys for some slow play at the park.

Tuesday/October 13
Soccer practice reading time.  I LOVE this book!!  It's from the library but I'm putting it on my personal wish list.

Wednesday/October 14
Our bedtime book.  Have you read this?  This is my first time and ohmygoodness--I totally thought that is was going to be a serious nature book at the beginning and then it got all crazy when the swan went to school and started spelling and playing a trumpet.  Crazy book--but it keeps us laughing.  Also, we were literally at the Boston Public Garden like Louis the Swan just last week--fun when books and life overlap.

Thursday/October 15
The backdrop of these days is stunning.

Friday/October 16
The trees at Beza's school are brilliant.  We might actually gasp every single day during pick-up when we walk past them.

We packed our bags and a good chunk of baby clothes for cousins for a quick trip to PA. 
(It feels so good to move these bins upon bins on--but, oh my, there are so many memories tucked inside.)

Saturday/October 17
A day with our familes:
 (Cabin morning.)
 (The real deal of corn "mazes.")
 (The smell!)
 (The last of the concord grapes--the taste of fall.)
 (The actual corn maze.  We did two--the second one was no joke!)
 (Cousins are the best.)

And celebrating an early birthday.  (I'm going to hold on to 9 for as long as possible. ;)

We are definitely doing our best to savor all of these days. :)