Tuesday, January 27, 2015

A Tale of Two Endings (+List)

We finished both the Prisoner's Dilemma and Winnie-the-Pooh on the same day.  The endings left us in two extreme emotional states.  Trenton Lee Stewart's conclusions are hands-down the best--he ties up loose ends and leaves you with the warmest feelings.  

And then there's the ending of Winnie-the-Pooh.  We highly (highly) recommend the book if you haven't read it--except for the last chapter.  I needed a warning.  To be fair, Milne is a beautifully poetic writer and the words are powerfully perfect--but, oh, such a sad goodbye.  

M and T (and I) cried for a long time after it was over. (Beza must have thought we were crazy.)  There were the saddest conversations like, "What will happen to my bear when I'm older?  I'll just put him on my nightstand and never play with him again.  And I'll look at him and say, 'There's that bear I used to love, but now I'm too busy with work to play with him.' And I'll just get into bed and go to sleep.  Oh, my poor bear!"  There were questions like, "Why don't you play with your stuffed animals anymore?"  And the worst--"What will happen to my bear when I die?"  

All of this from the end of such a well-loved children's book.

Here's most of what we've been reading as of late:
Audio Books
(Perhaps our most favorite series EVER.  We are very sad that there are no more.)

Again (Because they liked them so much the first time.)

(Published in 1948--our copy felt like an original. ;)

Because of the Tooth/Book Fairy
The Wingfeather Saga (T)
(This series keeps us on the edge of our seats--once T loses one more tooth, we can't wait to read the last one.)

Little House (M)

For Thanksgiving

Because It's Winter

For School
This book is so interesting!  They love it.


(A stack of library books.)

Monday, January 26, 2015

The Governor's Wife Catches Up

Around here I randomly get called "The Governor's Wife."  Obviously because I'm married to the governor.  ;)

They like to pretend that our house is a small province of sorts and even in their make-believe worlds we're still in charge. (Hahaha.)  ;)

Here's what we've been up to this month:

We started the New Year off with their first (at least that they can remember) root beer floats--and they are still having them almost every night (minus the sprinkles and with considerably flatter root beer.).

T saw a picture of some creepy dolls in a book  (albeit a fun book aside from the one nightmare-inducing photo) and couldn't stop envisioning an army of creepy dolls in his closet at night.  After talking with him for nearly an hour one night (and coming up with all kinds of strategies to move past the dolls) we went upstairs a bit later and found him sleeping like this outside of his room.  Poor dude.  (He was fine after that.)  (Creepy book dolls not to be mistaken for the much-loved Pink Doll--currently in our possession.)

We have been busy organizing.  (So far I've--with a little help--put together 3 bookshelves this year.)
And purging.

T has also been learning how to make his own toast.  And how to butter it.  (The corners are perhaps a bit...dry.)

J went skiing in Utah two weekends ago with his dad.  (Meeting up with him for a treat before he left.)

While he was away, I took my crew to the grandparents for the weekend.
(We went to Party City-one of my dad's favorite stores. :)
 (Tractor sledding.  Me "driving.")
 (Mapping out new trails through the woods.)
 (Hanging out with all of my sisters.)
(One night we also got to stay with Nana even with their very frozen mountain driveway, but forgot to snap pictures.)

We returned home to flowers.

A huge assortment of hand-me-down Legos that they've been playing with all week.  (Boat battle scene.)

And a very clogged kitchen sink.  It took a few days, but it's all back in working order and, at least for now, I'm mindful of the blessing of working drains.
(We also had a few sicknesses last week that made us very eager to get the sink/dishwasher back.)

We've had a few small snow storms so we've been making indoor snowscapes.

And popsicle people frozen in ice to ice-skate on our bins of frozen ice.

And then painting on the leftover ice with watercolors (and salt.)

We've also been doing plenty of learning, reading tons of books and now we're waiting for this big snow storm.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

They Were Here (Early Winter)

The little reminders of who I share my days with...

New Year