Friday, December 04, 2015

Our Thanksgiving

Our Thanksgiving Week
Saturday November 21-Sunday November 29

Saturday/November 21
After getting a good night of sleep after his long days of traveling, J passed out the souveniours he picked out along with a few gifts from his hosts.  The animal zip ties promptly led M to write and convince the others to put on a little play.

Monday/November 23
We had friends over for a mini-Thanksgiving "feast" and do to an art project together.  (Playing in the shaving cream after making "marbled" paintings is the best.  And messiest. ;)

Tuesday/November 24
We spent some time at Barnes and Noble.  It's time to start our Christmas card and I needed a little inspiration. :)

Wednesday/November 25
We had planned to leave for PA after J got home from work, but his day went a little longer than expected so we changed gears and went out to dinner instead.

Thursday/November 26
Happy Birthday to J!

It was a beautiful November-ish drive to PA.

At my house we celebrated 4 birthdays with one cake--that's how they roll.
(Jo-November 13, J-November 26, Grandpa-December 2 and Me-December 28.  The next day we also celebrated my sister's birthday that is actually on Christmas Eve.)

After "First" Thanksgiving, we spent some times with J's family for a "Second" Thanksgiving.  (There's always room for pie.)

Later we went for a walk to get ready to make room for J's birthday dinner/dessert.  (Beza stayed with Nana to color.)

Friday/November 27

We got to look through some of J's old toys/books. 
From Instagram: They said it was the biggest CD they had ever seen.

Then we went to GrammyKathy and Grandpa's to play with cousins.

And to try to help Grandpa find some missing tractor parts.  (We were unsuccessful and are wondering if perhaps it wasn't more of a snipe hunt.)

Then we went back to Nana and Pop's where they filled their bellies with raspberries and then played with more cousins.

Saturday/November 28
It was a gray and rainy day.  We paused for a coffee/treat break.

Before heading to the cabin.
 (New cousins!)

Then while J helped his grandfather at the Christmas Tree Farm, the rest of us went to my parents for some quiet play time.  And then basketball, etc. with Grandpa.

Sunday/November 29 
We scurried around to make it back to NY in time for Church.  Funny, but it seems like the only times that we're early are when we make the 4-hour drive back to there. :)

And now we're busy having fun decorating the tree that we brought back and getting ready for all things Christmas.

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