Monday, December 14, 2015

December's First Two Weeks

Whew!  I think that I am finally all caught up with all of the December craziness of card- and photo-book-making.  Time to play a little blog catch-up.  Here's a look back at the past 2 weeks.

Sunday/November 29
We brought our tree back over Thanksgiving from J's Grandparents' Tree Farm and decorated it that night.

Monday/November 30
Errand morning.

Tuesday/December 1
J got home a little early from work so we started the official month of Christmas with a completely uncrowded rainy-night view of the most amazing lights.  (Last year we waited in line for nearly 3 hours--this year we sat alone for 20 minutes just watching.)

Wednesday/December 2
Trying to get all of the Christmas-y errands done early so that we can enjoy time later without so much business.  On the to-do list--lunch out.

Then we made our first-ever cranberry garlands.  (Very fun.)

And later we attempted to make popcorn strands while listening to The Best Christmas Pageant Ever.  But, that was way harder than we expected!  The popcorn kept crumbling.  Later I discovered that popping it and then letting in the refrigerator for a while helped to make it stale and less likely to fall apart.

Thursday/December 3
We collected berries to help decorate outside.  Sadly, M also collected a tick. (Bah!)
(After dinner she was super motivated to wash the dishes, clean up the kitchen and even to vacuum.  She thought it was fun--I thought she was crazy helpful.  Then after all of that she discovered the tick--so NOT right.)

Also, T has been using this scarf as a "zipline" to get down the steps.  The carabiner attaches to the top of the steps to keep it in place when it's not in "use."

Saturday/December 5
Christmas-card-making day.

Sunday/December 6
St. Nicholas Day morning treats outside the door.

T was deep in aquarium world--pretending that he was training dolphins.  He was pretending to be driving the dolphin in a tank to somewhere.

A bit of "unwinding" with the Trans-Siberian Orchestra.  

Then we had dinner out before watching the college students/faculty at their Lessons and Carols.  (Beautiful voices!)

Monday/December 7

Tuedsay/December 8
The backyard has been alive with birds.

And I finally hung up some outside Christmas lights.  (This year we--the adults--decided that we wanted white lights on the tree--and that left us with quite a few more than our usual two stands of colorful lights to "decorate" with outside.")
Thursday/December 10
The day started with a great parent-teacher conference for Beza and M's 10-year physical and then some Christmas shopping with Beza along.  The day ended with a spur-of-the-moment decision to eat at Cracker Barrel while J was out for work (he's had a lot of those lately).  M and T were obsessed with this game.

Friday/December 11
After a lot of busy days, we joined J out for dinner again.  (M and T almost always leave a note when we leave.)

Saturday/December 12
M had her 3rd annual Christmas recital with her guitar.  It's fun to watch her grow.

Then after pizza out, they spent the rest of the night watching Christmas movies (while I got to work on those photo books :).  

I can't believe we're just a little over a week away from Christmas.  I'm so excited for Christmas but I also want to slow time down.

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