Saturday, November 21, 2015

Two Weeks On Our Own

Saturday/November 7
Two weeks ago we kissed J goodbye--we headed off to visit grandparents for the weekend, he headed to China, Thailand and Singapore. 

We spent the afternoon with my parents, sisters and nephews.

A Grandpa's-Hats Parade.

 M and Sammy.  (They have the same eye color.)

We spent the night at Nana and Pop's where M had another tooth pulled by Pop.  (I'll spare us the photos of that.)

Sunday/November 8
We walked to a pancake breakfast with Grandpa.

Then spent the day digging for treasures (We found this figure that so perfectly matches the story we listened to on the way there--The Indian in the Cupboard.), 

playing in the leaves,
shoveling leaves (of course...), 

blowing leaves,

eating garden-fresh beets,

and making ice art.

I love being with all of my sisters (and nephews and parents).

Monday/November 9
We drove home. :)

Tuesday/November 10
We had a long wait (nearly four hours) for a much needed oil-change and tire-rotation.  But we did get to do some early Christmas shopping.

T repeatedly got the floss stuck in his teeth.  (Normally Daddy's job.)

Wednesday/November 11
We got to attend a Veteran's Day event at a Revolutionary War site.  We are so thankful for all of the Veterans who so selflessly serve our country.

Thursday/November 12
These two spent the night tied to each other.  For fun.

Saturday/November 14
Nana and Pop arrived the night before to come to/help out at the soccer tournaments.  It was COLD!  The girls wore their winter coats under their jerseys.  It upped their intimidation factor.  (Ha!) ;)

T didn't bring a coat.  He was a bit cold. (He's under that blanket.)  BUT, his team won the tournament!

We did get to talk to J almost every day.  (M talking to him while we were out at a restaurant.) 

Sunday/November 15
Nana and Pop played quite a few games over the weekend.

Monday/November 16
We've started structured "silent reading" time because we've already gotten one bonus renewal beyond the allowed time. :)

Wednesday/November 17
Last week we forgot to put out the garbage/recycling (normally J does that, too), BUT, our very kind Recycling Man came up and pulled both our recycling and garbage cans down to the curb for us.  So kind and so cool for our kids to watch someone go above and beyond in his job.  

Thursday/November 18
Writing notes (and particularly actually sending them) is not my forte'.  But I have all of these beautiful cards from Sevenly and Gramr and we had a free drink on J's Starbucks card and it's almost Thanksgiving, so we spent the morning sipping a mint-mocha frappuccino and writing thank-you notes.  (Now we just have to actually SEND them... :/ )

Also we've been learning about orchids and found these bird-like ones at the grocery store.  How cool are they?

Friday/November 19
It was a good morning spent with friends. :)  

AND J is home!!!  (There were lots of banners, cards and gifts waiting for him.)

We stayed up watching Little Women (we finished the audio version earlier in the day) until he came home.  (There was a lot of running out of the room during the kissing scenes.)

It is so good to all be together under the same roof again!

(Thank you to everyone who checked up on us and spent time with us while J was away--it helped the time to fly by. :)

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