Friday, November 06, 2015

Turning 10

A little peek at how we celebrated M's 10th birthday:

Saturday/October 24
(AKA Grammy Kathy's birthday)

We started the day with soccer.  (Beza's toe-tapping.)

After lunch, GrammyKathy, Grandpa and two of my sisters showed up in disguise.  (As usual. ;) )

In the afternoon we made the first leaf mazes of the year.  (The very first time we made them together.)
(Grandpa played the wolf--throwing balls, gloves and even shoes down at us from the tree house. :) )

Then after dinner we celebrated GrammyKathy's,

And M's birthdays.
(They both look a little alarmed. ;) )

They opened presents and M found THIS--which she promptly tucked away to hide in Aunt Bubsy's boot the next day.

Before bedtime M and T got in one last drawing game.

Sunday/October 25
My family left bright and early and after church we were back out in the leaf maze.  With a beautiful full moon popping up.

Monday/October 26
M's 10th Birthday!

Her birthday morning.
(My sister helped me make all of those flowers late into Saturday night.  And the tablecloth is the crib sheet from when she was a baby--I had it tucked in a fabric-scrap bin and it fit the table perfectly--who knew?)

We did a little bit of school before leaving to pick out a cake.

And then after a birthday dinner, she opened a few more presents.  (She loves cats.)

And we had one last cake.

It was so much fun celebrating her 10th birthday.  My goodness, how big and good is ten.  We have so many memories behind us but still so many left to make.  Love you, M!

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