Wednesday, November 11, 2015

They Were Here

A few freeze-frame moments from this past summer and early fall:

 Scarves for all.
Cabin buddies on a boat.
 Eating waffles.
 Vegetarian Shark.
A hot-air balloon.
Tissue bear.
 Bill the Kangaroo "rowing" the boat (my bed).
 (Beary and Cheetah navigating.)
 Alligator tree-house.
 Sitting under a "tree."
 Turkey by the creek while Beary roasts a marshmallow at "camp."
 A note to Daddy.
A note stuffed into GrammyKathy and Grandpa's car from M's birthday because of their hasty departure at his.
(I think I have a few less from her because she is in school during the day.)

A table fort.

These are the days of stuffed animals, paper, tape (lots of tape), markers, blocks, cars and books.  Such good, good days.

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