Monday, November 16, 2015

Skies, Turkeys and Elections for Dessert (Our Week)

A look back at the week of November 1-November 6.

Monday/November 2
The pulling-out-of-the-driveway-to-take-Beza-to-school sky.

Tom Turkey in the backyard.  (With his hunched-shoulder walk and creepy head, he kind-of looked like a Halloween villain.)

And the oak trees still had so much color.

Tuesday/November 3
We voted.

Then went on a hike with friends.

Before going to the store to find lard (and squeezing in one more playdate) to make a family pie-crust recipe.
Because Election Day means that our house is holding its own election for best dessert.  The year's candidates were homemade apple pie and bakery-fresh chocolate cake.  J was out of town on Tuesday, so our election was held on Wednesday.

Wednesday/November 4
They dressed themselves in "professional" attire.  Oh my.  I was definitely laughing to myself while we ran into the grocery store to get the cake--because, seriously, that tie. (It was actually around his neck instead of around the collar of his shirt.)

In the middle of all of their election day preparations, Tom Turkey made another appearance.

They spent the day papering the house in signage.  (This is just some of it.)

On Monday they recorded radio spots that they sent to all of their aunts and uncles and grandparents.  During the afternoon they worked on their commercials.  These were their talking points.

Right after dinner we held a small debate.  

Who would win?  Cake or Pie?

The last votes were texted in and counted.
By one vote, PIE was the winner.

Thursday/November 5
We had a playdate with new friends.  It was SO MUCH FUN.  I spent a lot of time taking pictures of great books to read. :)

Friday/November 6
It was an errands-with-Daddy day.  There was a moment when both of us were stitching up broken things.  This has happened before in the history of never.

We helped J pick up some new sports jackets.  The kids think that it's really interesting to have a jacket that covers up your shirt but isn't meant to keep you warm.

It was t-shirt warm out.  And beautiful.

This first week of November was full and fast.

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