Monday, November 23, 2015

Paper and Tape

As we're looking forward to Christmas and pondering the gifts that will add to the little lives around here, I'm realizing that the things that they use the most are paper and tape.  (Scotch and Painters primarily.)  When they don't have the toy they want, they just make it.

Here are a few of their creations.
(The ones I took the time to photograph.)

Roasting a marshmallow over the campfire.

A cutting board, knife, propane lighter, turner, field guide, binoculars, and long fire poker.

A candle.

Matches.  (Double ended--red for new ones and black ends for already burned ones.  There is "sandpaper" for striking on the side of the "box.")

Cotton ball marshmallows in varying degrees of doneness.


Fish to fry.  (And a pat of butter.)

A cooler with tape ice cubes.

A tree made out of paper and the teepee sticks.

An autumn tree.

A flowing creek with a scattered camp fire.

A water pitcher.

Halloween Costumes
Snakey as a fish.
Beary as a jack-o-lantern.
Crow as a popsicle.

A mission control board.
(Panel 1: A bulletin board for notes with a tape "donut" above the card to hold it open.)
(Panel 2:  Notes.  Rules: Knock.  Listen.  Have fun.  If you climb or if you are loud-->time out.)
(Panel 3:  Hi.  Hello.  This is T's area. 
So these are poems. 
 Play ball then fall.
Then ball. 
Then saw I could fly.
The white controls include the steering wheel for a remote hover craft and also a light.
(Panel 4: Play.  Have fun.
And also a mouthpiece and earpiece hanging from the strings..

A hover board.

A car getting filled with gas (from the string).


A shovel for the Arctic.  (Paper and a stick.)

Another campfire.

A gift bag.

A hot-air balloon.

T' s tissue bear.

Duct tape and cotton blanket.

A "healthy" bird and egg.

Tape. :)

(Our recycling bin is continually raided and then restocked. ;)

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