Wednesday, October 14, 2015

We'll Take Any Excuse to See the Leaves (Our Week)

Sunday/ October 4, 2015
After church we headed to the mountains for Oktoberfest.

B: "The clouds look like a puzzle."

Drive-by of  Kaaterskill Falls.


 T's Waffle.

The ride up the mountain.  (The girls have ice cream--something they second-guessed the higher we went.)
 The trees.

We may have needed a few more layers.

On the way home we stopped to watch the sun set behind the mountains.
Captured by my little phone "thief" standing on a wall--snuggling up for warmth and parenting solidarity/sanity.

Tuesday/October 6
The sky at the soccer fields always looks so big.

Wednesday/October 7
Sometimes a bear spends the day in time-out.  At least he was comfortable. ;)

Thursday/October 8
Fallen leaves on a freshly mown lawn.  The yard is beautiful right now.

Friday/October 9
After a half-day of school we met up with friends to hike through some ice caves.  It was rainy but warm enough to make up for it.

Fall is in its full glory right now and I kind-of can't get enough of taking in the views.

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