Friday, October 23, 2015

We Really Can Not Get Enough of the Colors (Our Week)

(The colors of the neighborhood.  I can not stop taking pictures.)

Monday/October 12
After a fun weekend in Boston, we started the new week with a trip to the store for the usual food stuff.  And super-fun--there was a mini-hay maze.

Then, because it was SO gorgeous outside and because life had been feeling fast-paced--they collected a few small toys for some slow play at the park.

Tuesday/October 13
Soccer practice reading time.  I LOVE this book!!  It's from the library but I'm putting it on my personal wish list.

Wednesday/October 14
Our bedtime book.  Have you read this?  This is my first time and ohmygoodness--I totally thought that is was going to be a serious nature book at the beginning and then it got all crazy when the swan went to school and started spelling and playing a trumpet.  Crazy book--but it keeps us laughing.  Also, we were literally at the Boston Public Garden like Louis the Swan just last week--fun when books and life overlap.

Thursday/October 15
The backdrop of these days is stunning.

Friday/October 16
The trees at Beza's school are brilliant.  We might actually gasp every single day during pick-up when we walk past them.

We packed our bags and a good chunk of baby clothes for cousins for a quick trip to PA. 
(It feels so good to move these bins upon bins on--but, oh my, there are so many memories tucked inside.)

Saturday/October 17
A day with our familes:
 (Cabin morning.)
 (The real deal of corn "mazes.")
 (The smell!)
 (The last of the concord grapes--the taste of fall.)
 (The actual corn maze.  We did two--the second one was no joke!)
 (Cousins are the best.)

And celebrating an early birthday.  (I'm going to hold on to 9 for as long as possible. ;)

We are definitely doing our best to savor all of these days. :)

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  1. We are absolutely loving this time too. I am trying to be in the moment, soaking up every detail. When winter hits we will have a storehouse of memories to keep us warm and hopeful.